Self Reflection Journal

  1. What am I good at in my career?

I am a food scientist/technologist, and I am good at processing beverages and baked goods. I enjoy making beverages like fresh juice, yogurt, and shakes. I also take baking as a passion, and I tend to try baking new things every time.

  1. What do I feel that I will never be good at?

I feel I will never be good at mineral analysis of food and checking for their counter effects. I struggled with this while in school, and when I was doing my project, I had to seek help from a classmate. Through this struggle, I feel that mineral analysis of food kind of intimidates me. I tell myself that if I open a food company one day, I will have to look for an employee who has excellent experience checking for mineral analysis in food.

  1. What was I not good at but became good at with time?

I was not very good at checking the endpoint of food processes. Sometimes I would exceed the time limit, and other times I would stop the process when the time was not yet. I had to practice the indicators of food processing endpoints, and I have become good with time. I noticed that without master endpoints points, I would make products that are not consistent in quality, which would look bad for a company. Hence I took the initiative to practice, and now I am confident about checking for various endpoints of food processes.

  1. How do I act towards others in my workplace?

It is essential I develop a teamwork spirit; hence I remind myself to always collaborate with everyone. People have different believes and values, and I tend to respect their boundaries. I also try my best to set boundaries with my colleagues to help in promoting a healthy work environment. I also have conversations with my fellow workmates and ensure we address any issues that we come across together. Lastly, I tend to appreciate the efforts of my fellow team players since I believe it calls for patience and commitment to work together.

  1. Are there colleagues who are more open to talking about challenges or one who shies away from challenges?

Most of my colleagues share when they have challenges; it is only one who shies away from sharing challenges.

  1. What have I told myself about their behavior?

I have told myself that it is essential to respect the belief of my colleagues since that is what helps in growing a healthy working environment. Also, I have told myself that it is wise to brainstorm with people who air their challenges to provide sustainable solutions. For the person who shies away from talking about challenges, I have felt that I need to create a trusting environment to make them more comfortable to share the challenges they are facing. I have felt that it is not suitable for individuals to hold their challenges since we can work to solve them. On the other hand, I feel that everyone has the right to share what they are struggling with or not. Hence when dealing with these two sets of people, I am mindful of the tone I use to avoid offending them, and I tend to give them time to air their issues before I can give my opinion.

Lead Self and Beyond

Leading myself amid uncertainty

Why Lapid?

I first heard aout Lapid Leaders Africa from a friend who was already doing the Lead Self Pillar. At this point, I was clearing campus and I was on the road of “What Next?” As I listened to her explain what the pillar is all about, I gained more interest in the program. What caught my eye before application was one phrase she shared, “In Lapid Leaders Africa, you have to grow a hard skin since the pillar stretches you to your full potential.” I felt that I really needed some stretching in life and that made me choose Lapid as my stretcher. Moving forward I embraced the modules that were being offered in the program.

Modules that Stood Out:

  • Re-Imagine Africa
  • Opportnities In Africa
  • Design thinking
  1. Re-Imagine Africa

Reimagine Africa 4 (Story telling) stood out sinceI learnt the importance of my story. I have never been intentional about internalizing my story. I believe my Narrative Identiy is unique and it has shaped my current self. We all should learn to own and redeem our stories. We can edit, revise and interpret the stories we tell about our life. I believe every episode in my life has impacted my general growth as an individual.

In story editing I took home four points:

  • Spending time with myself.
  • Get honest with myself
  • Considering how I make people feel.
  • Determining what I have to offer.

2. Opportunities in Africa

After the Opportunities in Africa class, I learned that Africa has a lot of untapped opportnities. As youths we need to be creative enough to look into ways we can tap these opportunites. Just like Hope Mwinzi Says “I consider Africa as my playground” I would affirm that we need to consider opportunites around our continent. So the big question, What can we do to tap these opportunities? I would say having an imaginative mindset and building relations in Africa.

Action Plan:

  • Stop being Convectional
  • Start creating solutions
  • Believing in myself

3. Design Thinking

Through Design thinking I was able to see projects in a different dimensionon. Mr. Emmanuael made me think about our social entrepreneurship in a different dimension. understanding that I have to solve a real problem is important since this is a major mistake that business owners tend to make. I have to fit in the shoe of the consumer to learn what they need and deliver. Asking the “WHY?” question is very important since it helps you evaluate the viability of the business. It is only through design thinking that ideas can be brought into a reality.

When I Look Back

When I look back, I feel that I have really achived a lot, I have become very intetional with my life, since I pay details to very specific things. I have embraced time management thus I rarely procrastinate. I push myself to create something since I do not want to relie on a consumer mindset. I see a lot of transformation in myself since I have discovered that I have a purpose in this world. I have also learned how to network more and build connections within my region. The entrepreneurship modules helped me understand how to better my skill in business and build ideas that won’t colapse. Lastly, I would say that the three months I spent in lead self were very significant in my life since they have given me a sense of direction in my journey after graduation.

I look at Lapid as a light that was shed in my life. After campus life I would look at it as a stage of confusion where we tend to do alot of things. Through Lapid, I was able to shed some light in my life since I was able to have focus in life. I was able to embrace my love for entrepreneurship and through the modules covered in Lead Self, I gained skills that would enable me maneuver through the entrepreneurship docket. Lapid deliverables make it possible for me to think outside the box and find solutions for the problems presented to me.

My Squad Members

Tushiyah Squad

I look at Tushiyah and I see the art of never giving up. I understand that there is light in everything we do. My squad memebers helped me understand the importance of supporting each other, taking responsibilities and being accountable for each other. Through my squad members, I was able to embrace balance in my Lapid Experience since we had our serious moments and our fun time. Going through the Lead Self pillar was through the support I got from my squad members as well as the Lapid team. We built a competitive spirit and not a single day passed without trying to better ourselves. My squad members helped me embrace my strenghts (Being outgoing and reponsible) and helped me better my communication skills through the presentations we had as a squad. Tushiyah members are my heros!

Thank You Lapid!

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